How to add pre-minted 1155 to Burn Redeem

Hey there :smiley:

How can I add a previously minted 1155 to Step 1 of the Burn Redeem app?

Your docs say
“The Burnable token must be an already minted ERC-1155 on the creator’s Manifold contract”

But when I opened the Burn Redeem, Step 1 seems to be for creating the Burn token? Unfortunately, I minted the Burn token on Manifold outside of the app.


I see that the first step is to create the Redeem token. Can you share a screenshot? Might be easier to see where you’re getting stuck.

Hey bodegacat

I’m attaching a screenshot. As you can see it’s just a blank screen. From reading the documentation, I understood that I needed to have pre-minted the token before I opened the Burn-Redeed app. This screen seems to have assumed I have not yet minted the 1155.

What to do? Burn the pre-minted 1155 #1 token?

Appreciate your help. Everything is ready to launch this if I can just get started.

This screen is for the Redeem token! The token the collector will receive once the token of choice is burned.

I see that now! The app is working backwards from the BurnRedeem layout!