How to Burn a token from manifold?

hi I want to ask how to burn one of the tokens? because I just did a mint with a bad signal that made a double mint on the work I uploaded. how to do the burning so that not all are not visible on other blockchains?

Gm! Can you send the two token IDs of the duplicated tokens? Is your address that ends in 108F the one you use to log into Studio with?

We’ll update studio so both tokens appear - One option is to put placeholder artwork in one of the tokens and save the TokenID for when you have work later on to mint.

Where i can find the token IDs? Yes its my wallet address!

But i already burn it on foundation, if its still works if i save it for the next mint?

If the token has been burned on FND then the token will be burned across all platforms. This may appear different on OS for example, where the token will be held by the NullAddress. If the tokens are still visible you can request for it to be hidden by the platforms.