How-to cancel a claim and burn a 1155 token

hi yawl, i searched for this topic but couldnt find how-to cancel a claim and then burn a 1155 token. i made a mistake earlier and need to now cancel the open claim and then burn the old (bad) token which is here:

since i dont know how to cancel and burn it ive just scheduled the drop to start a couple years from now to give myself time to get rid of it
~tysm for yr help

gm! Doesn’t look like any tokens were minted, if this is the case there are no tokens that exist on mainnet that will need to be burned.

Would you mind explaining a bit more about the mistake you’ve made? It would be great feedback for us.

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thats true, none were minted yet. so how do i cancel the claim?

You can just set the end date to an earlier date!

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gotcha, makes sense lol :slight_smile:
it was just my own mistake on that one, i uploaded the wrong file