How to double check private listing recipient address

I’ve set up a private listing for a buyer and they are getting an error that says “you are not an approved buyer for this listing”.

heres the listing

I have a couple of questions.

  1. Is there a way for me to double check and see if I put the right address in?

  2. I looked into canceling and starting fresh, I can not find an option to cancel anywhere. When I click the 3 dots next to the listing, it only gives me the option to view the listing. See screenshot. How do I cancel a private listing?

After you hit the 3 dots, if you kinda scroll down a bit, you should see “Cancel Listing”.

Do you remember doing a 2nd transaction when you listed? For private listings you would be doing a 2nd transaction with this contract -

hey yungwknd! thanks for the reply. I didn’t realize you could scroll down. Feel like a n idiot now. LOL. I don’t think I did the second transaction. After the first transaction, the page sat there pending for ever even though the transaction had gone through. I think I force refreshed or something and that was it. Anyhow. I’m going to cancel it and start fresh.

Best of luck! please update here if all goes well :slight_smile:

It worked fine the second time around. Thank you so much!

LFG great! wahoooooooo

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