How to edition mint more than 200 ERC 721, while maintaining correct numbering

Hi! how do i edition mint more than 200 erc 721? if i do it multiple times, the numbering seems to be repeated on goerli. i.e. they are always /200. how do i make it /400 for example

Hmmm - How are you looking to sell these token? You’ll need to list them individually for sale on Opensea.

Not sure if you’re looking to do create a claim page?

i can create claim page - but that also limits it to 1000. i want to do a 10k mint. 1000 airdrop to treasury and 9000 NFT’s for claim on claim page. and for this page as it will mint out over time, i want to be able to change the price

please help @lyndo , how can i do this?