How to Enable Free Shipping for Shopify Merch Bridge?

I have successfully set up the Merch Bridge within my Shopify store (Dawn theme), and everything is working as described (a truly awesome add-on!)

I have one problem, though. Even after discounting the product 100%, Shopify still requires that the end user pay for shipping. I have set up a Free Shipping Discount code within Shopify, but this field no longer shows up once the Merch Bridge has been inserted into the Dawn theme. Ideally, the 100% discount via merch bridge would also discount shipping or maybe allow for a free shipping code to be inserted at the checkout stage.

Right now, there is no way to enable free shipping once the user is ready to checkout in the shopping cart.

Does anyone have a simple solution to this problem or have ideas on how to include free shipping?

I am wondering if it could be part of the draft order that the merch bridge creates, since there is a multi-choice field within the draft order for free shipping.

Thanks for any feedback!

Inside the Shopify backend, you can set up a shipping profile with the shipping zones that you want to apply free shipping to. Then add those products to that shipping profile. This way there will be a free shipping rate that shows up for people in those shipping zones. Hope this helps!