How to enforce royalty splits

It’s not. You should try this on the testnet first.

please see attached screenshots. what am I doing wrong?

Your input is wrong, you need square brackets around the receivers and basisPoints.

like this? gas is still .42 ETH

No. That’s definitely not right.

Are you connected as the contract owner? What is the contract address and what wallet are you connected as?

If you see a high cost like that it should also tell you that the transaction will revert or has an error.

If you see this error, you’re likely connected using the wrong address (i.e. not the owner)

Do not proceed.

Yes, I saw that error and didn’t proceed. But I was definitely connected as the contract owner.

Contract address: 0x7d5Bbd40663d81F506aaE6c430a13F1E298E703e
Wallet address: 0xb8c0dCEF32409bc46100b04Df5b8F14A72E7b334

Token 18 doesn’t exist yet, so you can’t set the royalties on it.

Ah yes, good point :man_facepalming:

Has anyone confirmed these royalties get paid out? I did a few listings on goerli that have now ended and have been finalized (listingIds: 400, 401, 403, 404, 405)

I see no indication that the royalties are being paid.

Finalize Transaction:

Set Royalties Transaction: