How do royalties get paid?

I posted asking if anyone has confirmed royalties getting paid out. As of yet I haven’t gotten a response.

I ran some auctions on goerli ahead of doing it for real. Everything worked as expected except for the royalties. I see no indication that these are being paid out once the listing is finalized. The royalties are set at the individual token level.

Set royalties transaction:

Finalize transaction:

I believe I may have found what went wrong:

The same address that created the token also listed the token for sale. Therefore the if block that handles royalties was never entered.

I’ll test when/if this nonsense ends:

That was the issue!

To have royalties paid out on a per token basis:

Wallet A:

  • Create the ERC721 contract
  • Create the tokens
    • Airdrop to Wallet B
  • Set the royalties

Wallet B:

  • Create the listing

“Finalize” transaction: