How to find all Manifold NFT contracts


I’m building a web platform that aggregates digital art NFTs. We are trying to add Manifold support, and as part of that, are looking to index all historical Manifold NFT contract deployments.

I understand there are two kinds of deployments: proxy deployments and full deployments.

For proxy deployments, I believe I’ve found a way to find all of them, but it assumes that every Manifold proxy deployment is an instance of ERC721Creator.sol and implements the implementation() function. Is that a correct assumption?

For full deployments, I am not sure how to proceed. Are there any events emitted that I could use to reliably find every full Manifold deployment?

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You’re right that there are a number of Manifold deployments that do not use the proxy deployment. Unfortunately there is no event emitted.

I looked at some of these direct deployments (e.g. this Jay Z one) and it emitted an OwnershipTransferred event upon contract creation. I know that event is very general and applies to much more than Manifold, but is it correct to assume that all Manifold ERC721/1155 deployments at least emit that event?

We’re interested in this use case as well, would love to discuss ideas for detecting Manifold contracts deployment/minting/listing from tracked addresses.