How to get to bulk edit NFT metadata

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Hello everyone, I just wanted to know how to get to the batch metadata upload page? Fo you have to launch on mainnet to get to it? I have .csv file with the metadata, I also have .json files of that would work better. Also, if you can only upload 200 files bulk, if you want to launch on main net, should you just keep adding in increments of 200 until you reach the maximum amount?( I have 1,315 NFTs) and add to the same collection. Can you only add the metadata with traits after deploying to main net? I’ve uploaded NFTs before, but that was not a collection and each platform is different. Lastly, it does launch on all selling platforms simultaneously right(Rarible,OpenSea,etc). Thanks again.

Hi! If you’re using the Series Batch Mint feature, that currently doesn’t support batch metadata upload. However, you could use Claim Page to batch mint tokens and then use the batch metadata upload via that path. We have it in our docs here: Customize ERC721 Metadata - Manifold Docs

And I don’t think I used series batch mint, just the normal batch mint of over 1,000. However so far I’ve just done 200 minted with Optimism.

Ok I figured it out. However, my collection goes up to 1,315. It only lets you do 1,000 for the collection and metadata. I guess the best course of action is to make another collection with the last 315 tokens and make the metadata for that? Can you use the same metadata (.csv sheet) or do I have to make a whole new one when minting the last 315 NFTs? Thanks again.