How to list in ASH after minting on claim page

I have created a mint page for a token in order to use ASH edition app.
but the token doesn’t show up in the app.

Can you provide more information? These would be helpful -

  1. Link to the mint page
  2. OS link to the token you are trying to sell
  3. Your address

turned out that ASH edition app does not recognize tokens minted thru claim page, so I had to mint the token as editions to myself and then activate ASH edition app.

This is not correct.

The ASH edition app does recognize tokens minted through the claim page. I can open it up and see. This is my guess for what you experienced:

  1. You set up a claim page, but not one had minted yet
  2. You tried to use the ASH editions app.

You can only list tokens that you own with the ASH editions app. Which means you would have had to mint a bunch to your wallet anyway.

Glad it worked out! Cool piece!

appreciate your kind words <3 and thanks for clarification.
I minted on the claim page but scheduled it for later during the week. perhaps that was the issue that ASH app cudn’t recognize them?! (just sent the link to its claim page which I had to reschedule it)
on the other hand wen we create a claim page, it asks for the ETH price, if ASH app was able to recognize the tokens, how wud it translate ETH to ASH?
Screenshot 2022-11-29 114008

just want to know for future drops bcs I preferred it to be open edition.
claim page version that didn’t work

The ASH Editions app only lets you sell tokens that you own and that are minted.

When you set up a claim page, you are not minting tokens. Your collectors are.

In the screenshot from the claim page, no one has minted any yet, so there are no tokens in existence.

ASH Editions app only lets you selling tokens that (a) exist and (b) you own.