How to make a collaboration of a piece in manifold

I have a piece in collaboration with another artist, I want to upload it to my manifold contract, but I can’t find how to add an artist, how do you do a “split” in Foundation, is that option available in Manifold? I need help

gm - To clarify, you’re looking to a split on a primary sale? This typically depends on where you’re looking to list the tokens for sale.

Yes, I have a piece in collaboration with another artist, and I want to include it in my manifold contract, the question is, how can I do that when that NFT is sold automatically divide the profits?

In Foundation it is done when you minting the piece, in manifold I don’t know if you have the option, because the option I find is to add another wallet, but that wallet will have profits from all the NFTs instead of a specific one…

Yes, I have the same question about wanting a particular token sale on a Manifold contract to be split between two wallet addresses. I’m replying so that I can be notified if an answer is forthcoming.