How to mint on chain animation, html + p5.js

Is it possible to mint an html file created with p5.js on chain? I have an animation that is actually small, 7kb and a stripped down version of p5.min.js that is 87kb. Can I store these on chain with Manifold? I don’t want to use Arweave or IPFS.

I saw how one can make an svg file on chain but I’m guessing the process is different.

gm travisleroy,

This is possible, but would take a little bit of work, what you’ll have to do is create a custom extension and add that to your Manifold contract, this extension will provide the metadata and return a tokenURI metadata (name, description, image - svg render)

For more documentation on creating an extension please check out our docs. And if you have any more questions or need more direction happy to chat here and help you work though creating the extension.

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Thanks Richerd, will check out extensions, appreciate the help.