How to proceed selling after tokenized my artwork?

After creating an ERC1155 contract for editions release, then proceed to mint on Mainnet successfully. I was staring at my token artwork and don’t where to go next as I did try some apps but the Gallery is only for ERC721 and Claim Page seems to upload my artwork again which I already did. Could anyone guide me on what should I do next? Is this a normal process, first you to mint your token artwork then reload your artwork again in the Claim Page app to sell. (info given on the second pic as this creator uses an app Manifold)

I figured out the tokens minted. Once you have your visual minted as a Token then you have the choice of selling it at OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible, or GEM. If you want to sell it using the Manifold Apps, first you need to get the type of Smart Contract yourself (ERC721 or ERC1511). Secondly, once you have your contract done then move to the Apps to select either Gallery or Claim Page to set up/mint your visual to sell.

the app says under maintenance