How to put a limit mint on ERC 721

Hi all, does anyone know after minting a specific number of nfts(batch) stopping the minting on that specific contract? So i have 1000 Nft’s and i want to cancel any other future mints on that contract,how do i make this happen?

Thanks a lot

Thanks for reaching out! Would love to hear a little more about your usecase and what you’re looking to do. ie Are you looking to do a specific drop with 1k mints?

I am looking to mint 1k in Nft’s erc721 contract then i need a cap on that contract so i cant’s mint more NFT’S even if i wanted to
thanks a lot

Hmmm got it. The mechanic you’re describing isn’t supported with studio.

Potentially transferring ownership to 0x0 could prevent anymore mints from happening but it wouldn’t be possible to say, update tokens or create any mechanics around them.

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