How to release monthly NFTs as batch with allowlist and price discount

Manifold Fam!

I’ve been looking at tutorials and even tested deploying the first contract but am struggling with the following:
We want to mint 10-15 unique NFTs every month. Each month, you would have a different allowlist with a price discount of 24hrs.

I’m assuming we can use batch minting and use same contract each month. But is this possible?


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Hey! :slight_smile:

When you batch mint you are not creating a page where collectors can mint the tokens but you are minting the tokens directly to your wallet. Therefore there is no concept of allow list unless you are creating private listings on a marketplace like OpenSea after minting the tokens.

Overall all tokens minted on the same contract live under the same collection. And you can mint them any time your want.

For your case it seems like you’d want a collective drop mechanic which we are working on but will come to Studio later this year / beginning of next.

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that makes sense thanks!


I am looking for the same solution as the OP.

Is there any update? I couldnt find a tokengated discount for the claim page?

I want to create a claim page with two pricing tiers: (1) discounted with specific nft and a (2) normal price for ppl without the specific nft.

You can set a whitelist and run the claim in two parts. One for the wallets with a discount and the other for everyone else.

I’m looking for the same tiered pricing on my limited edition and want the discount for existing collectors and the higher public price to be available simultaneously. Is this something that Manifold supports yet?