How to standardize metadata for minting books / written work - minting templates?

Howdy, I write novels as well as the dev stuff I do. I’ve tried many different ways to mint my books and serial stories, including entire text in description (in markdown) with cover as image, cover as image and blurb in description and links to content (in description and traits), cover as image and html pages as ‘animation’, etc. But none have been ideal. I want to try again (and I have ideas I’m working on), but another issue I’ve faced is metadata.

As an author, there’s the trad publishing standards, there’s the indie author Amazon way to do metadata, but neither are necessarily the best way. I want to come up with the best way for web3 (I’ve drafted up what I think are good v1.0 metadata standards for written media). And then, after that’s been zeroed in, I want to make it easy for other creators to use the same kind of metadata standards. Then, instead of a giant wild-west of amateur publishing and metadata all over the place, it could at least be standardized- and wild. :slight_smile:

So one idea is to have something like a template for content creators to use when minting, and then instead of filling out 20 or so fields from scratch, they could delete what they don’t want, edit what they do, and add to their hearts content.

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