How to sync other platforms on claimpage

I created my own collection and it shown on the claim page other platforms ( os & manifold only) the os goes to a 404 errror and I want to know how to add rariable or super rare to it

Gm! Have any tokens been minted? The collections aren’t created until a token is minted and Opensea/Rarible will pick it up. For a platform like Superrare, those are invite only and you’ll need to fill out a form to ingest your tokens, you’ll need to double check with their team about ingesting claim page/editions.

yes , it minted like 10 pieces and when i go to my rariable it shows the collection and it shows my NFT, but in claim page in (view on platforms ) there is only two icons ( monifold and opensea) and the opensea one does not work :)))