How to upload a collection of 6k unique nfts in bulk with .PNG, .JSON (Metadata), (Hashlips) And do a lazy mint

Hi, I have a question for all of you.

I want to make a collection of 6k different nfts, all unique, so with different traits.

I have already created my collection with hashlips, so the whole collection is done.
There are 6k images (PNG) and 6k JSON file and a JSON named _metadata gathering all nfts.

I would like to use these files (PNG, JSON) and upload them in bulk with manifold and have them minted for free.
Mint is free (must pay the gas, lazy mint) and 2-3-4-5 are paid
How to do it?

I would love to use a website page too.

I’m not sure if I see the option.
Thanks a lot!

gm! A mechanic like this isn’t possible atm with Manifold Studio.

Hi, thanks for the response.

But, if I create the contract with manifold anyways, can I lazy mint a 6k collection with my files and a little bit of code or something?
And use my .PNG and my .Json?

I have the same question. Did OP figure this out or find another way to create a contract with large collection that includes json metadata for each?