How to use clame page

I published my MINT site yesterday using clame page.
I made it so that the number of tokens is unlimited and terminated by a deadline in ERC721.
I would like to then change the multiple issued tokens to a different picture.

My idea is that if there are 10 people who minted, 10 tokens will be displayed individually, and I want to change them later to 10 different designs.

My image was that if 10 people minted, 10 tokens would be displayed individually, and I would be able to change them to different designs later.

However, in opensea, only the number of minted tokens are displayed individually, while in manifold, only one token is displayed.
Would this make it impossible to change to 10 different patterns?

How could this be achieved?

This isn’t possible with the claim app - This is a more collectibles style drop that isn’t supported with Manifold Studio atm.

Any plans for updates?
Since a token ID is issued to each user, it should be possible to update the content individually after mint is completed.