HTML dNFT not displayed in Manifold Gallery....Works in other markets :)

Hi !!! I have been working with a dNFT for 2 months, and it has always worked in test mode “goerli” " OPen Sea" , looksrare" And just today that I made mint on Mainnet, just for precaution… It works for me everywhere but in Studio. Manifold and I can’t check in SR which is really the destination of this dNFT:/

Could someone help me…I had put as cover an animated GIF, and thinking I could be at fault, I changed it to a .png + gas and nothing!!! It doesn’t want to go past the preview image.

I can’t think what to do, I have changed the NFd for an older & lighter version and nothing!!!

Thanks in advance!!!


Please ensure the platform supports HTML tokens. >>> Say the FAQ.I think Manifold does, doesn’t it? is that right?
Can anyone think of anything? it is very strange that by doing the contraro here it is seen everywhere and here it is not?

I don’t know what to do… I’ve tried everything I could think of.


gm! Can you share a link to the token?

Works perfect in SR. Thats oK for me. Thanks Lyndo.