HTML file not working in gallery

gm everyone
I have minted my first HTML interactive piece, which is set up to display one image during daytime hours and one at night. I have a fully working HTML webpage which correctly populates the images, and the HTML file works perfectly on OS as well. But the listing page on Manifold gallery just loads the gif I uploaded as thumbnail!
what’s the problem here?
here’s the link to the piece

I don’t see the HTML on the metadata for that page.
{“created_by”:“Naime”,“description”:“This is a parallel dream I’m living in with you forever. This eternal world is a reflect of what goes on between us. \nThis artwork is inspired by Persian miniature, pixelated in 760x760 pixel. \n2024”,“name”:“Endless Dream”,“image_details”:{“bytes”:557373,“format”:“PNG”,“sha256”:“6feaca17fb155cac08c570d0d0afb52b5d63c668994484d4ca2442127b1a9050”,“width”:3040,“height”:3040},“image”:“",“image_url”:"”}

How did you set up the html? Perhaps the token was updated? Looks like the token’s metadata was updated 4 days ago to one that does not have html: