HTML NFT not working on Gallery, depending on browser

My HTML NFT shows up well on Chrome, but not Brave, for instance.

Hey there! I took a bit of a look here… it looks like it also doesn’t show up on OS on Brave Browser.

Perhaps you can try making the same token on goerli, but changing your html and how you import p5js? Try something like this:

    <script src=""></script>

Let me know if that works!

Thank you so much for proposing a solution. Unfortunately, used both Cloudflare’s uploaded scripts, and it’s the same result:

Oh no! Hmm… I am not sure then. Perhaps brave has different browser permissions?

I think the first step is getting it to work on OS on Brave. Then ours should simply work the same. Perhaps it’s the audio? Could you try a version without the audio just to see if that’s the reason it’s breaking?

It’s something about iFrames I think, I can only code in p5js, but other tries without audio did the same thing. It’s puzzling and frustrating, and all the people who had a little knowledge couldn’t help me find why :sweat_smile:

Ah dang! I am really not sure either… so weird!

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Btw, I’ve heard good things about you, are you open to collabs? :clinking_glasses: I have an art concept for which I need a dev who also knows a bit about Twitter bots. Credits and money shared of course, to be sold on SuperRare.

Sounds awesome! At this time I am super busy unfortunately

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No biggie, when I find te right collab, you’ll def hear about it, it’s a kind of Twitter performance as well :sunglasses: Good luck with the work and thanks for trying to help!

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