file asking for Thumbnail

I’m trying to mint an file. When I drag and drop it on the studio, it asks for a thumbnail. Where do I put this thumbnail? Do I still have to follow those instructions in the manual and use pinata? I thought it would just render the file correctly…but it’s my first try! Thanks in advance for any help!

Hey! Are you trying to mint the .zip as a website? I’m not sure if we support unpacking / uploading, but I could be wrong.

I know it works on Objkt really easily. Not sure how they do it. But $20 a month for a pinata plan is out of the question and the free plan doesn’t allow HTML files. Boo hoo. Could you look at what it would take to implement this badass feature into the studio? or maybe there is another way… Thank you from the bottom of my interactive heart. :pray: Also, as an aside, the interface says upload an HTML file. but if you do that, there’s no way to add a thumbnail. So, is it supported (HTML) or is it not at all? In the instructions they say: upload an IMAGE, and set the hidden properties to HTML. That’s not what I had in mind when I saw HTML. Any help would be greatly appreciated.