The only thing I can think of is that you didn’t hit ‘ENTER’ to actually add the address. Can you take a screenshot of this section here after you’ve hit enter? If that doesn’t work we can jump on a call -

When I press “Return” which is usually the enter button for me (on MAC) nothing happens.

Got it - And this happens with any TokenID you enter? Say you enter the number 1 here - Does it allow for that?

Nope it says the same thing to me and when I click NEXT nothing happens as well.

Ok - Not sure what is happening here. Feel free to send me an email and we can setup a time to chat.

Hey Lyndo not sure if you saw my email, so I’m following up here :heart:

Hello I could really use some help if anyone is around… Had to pause my burn event that started in March because of the technical issues I was having on Manifold… any help is greatly appreciated :pray:

With the latest Manifold Studio update (it’s very nice looking btw) …unfortunately when I enter the contract address:

…since the OS shared storefront contract is so insane, it will be in a state or neverending loading before I can specify which token I am trying to select:

Are you talking about the burn redeem app? For now, I would suggest using the ‘any token in range’ option for OpenSea and setting the same min and max token.

Hiya mumbot. Adding back in the token input so you can use your shared contracts again! Sorry about that.

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Side question: was your browser able to handle this? Curious.

That’s amazing :heart: thank you so much!!!

Yes it was, but I had to leave it to load for a while…

Lol figured. Thanks for confirming. Hoping to have a fix out soon :+1:

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You’re the best johnny!!! :black_heart: