I just created my first Burn-to-Redeem event… I wanted to allow anyone who holds any 1 of the listed tokens the option to burn it to redeem the “Ghost Garden” artwork, but it is requiring them to hold ALL of those tokens. Is there a way to adjust that to allow them if they hold 1 of any of those to be able to burn-to-redeem?

Thank you :pray:

I updated it to burn only 1 token (my OE from January last year), so my guess is that I will have to update which token is eligible to burn for this piece in timed phases…

Just checking in on this again if it’s possible

You’ll need to create multiple burns.

Hey Edie - I’m ready to start my burn event back up (since I have to do it one token at a time)…

I’m having issues setting up my contract to allow me to burn some lazy minted stuff from 2021. Is there someone who can help me? I was told this should be no problem from someone I asked at Manifold a while ago…

Here’s an example of one of the pieces I’d like to include in the next burn:

or view it on Manifold Gallery here:

I’d like to make this the next burnable artwork… can you help me please?

Hmmm - What issues are you running into while setting up the burn? Are you getting an error?

It just isn’t letting me press the “next” button and above the “Select Viable Tokens” section there’s red text that says “LIMITED BURN SUPPORT”

Is there anyone who can help me please

Hey ediep any chance you could help me? Haven’t received any advice here…

gm - I’m not sure what you’re asking here. Are you asking what the Limited Burn Support means?

There’s also a prompt to hit ‘Enter’ once you’ve added the token number, might be that?

So after I have entered the contract address and the token ID, then press “NEXT” - nothing happens. The button doesn’t work… Is there something else I need to do?

Can you take a screenshot of the screen after you’ve entered the tokenID and then pressed enter? You should see that tokenID highlighted and ‘added’ then the ‘Next’ button should clickable.

Can you try hitting ‘ENTER’ where you’ve entered the TokenIDs?

Hi Lyndo… yes this thread exists because when I click ‘ENTER’ nothing happens… my issue is pretty much that.

I get this notification when I hit ENTER again

Hmm - Here’s how it looks for me after I hit enter, it seems to go through fine and I’m able to go to the next step. Which contract address have you entered? If it’s from the earlier screenshot, I’m having a bit of issue recreating this. Do you have a space or anything added to the Contract Address/Token section?:

I’m using the same contract as you… the OS shared storefront contract is the only one connected to that token… am I missing anything else that maybe you are doing that I’m not?

Can we jump on a call and I’ll share my screen with you, etc… This is crazy… I’ve been trying to continue my burn event since February… I am not doing anything weird here.