I am about to do an OE for the first time 🖤

Hello everyone,
ive been making an architectural
cross section drawing called Section 3
which corelates with my architectural
research and experiments in the field
od decentralized living.

My latest works should raise the questions
of contemporary living habits in the context
of decentralized finances. Pushing the
idea of decentralization means also
decentralized living space, physical space
interwined with the blockchain technology.

There is a huge variety of potential organization of living spaces in the cases of individual or all sort of group living in the context of blockchain technology. Smart contracts, DAOs can operate the building and maintain the operation and communication between the users.

The Blockchain Hotel would have no workers but the whole building would operate through the smart contract technology. Maintenance, occupation, utilization of the spaces of the hotel would all be operated on a trustless system and the building itself will become a sort of autonomous organism.

Since its my first OE maybe u have some advices on the technical part of things and heres the WIP too

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