I am unable to access my collection at all

I have three contracts on manifold studio, two of which open just fine.
My 1st one Logic_Bots, never loads past the rotating line… I am really frustrated with this right now…

Can someone help me with this? (Manifold Studio)

gm! Are you still running into this issue? Let me know!

I am, thank you for your reply.
I get some errors in the console:

This occurs in Brave as well as in FF.

It’s strange because I do actually have an avatar set for that specific ENS, but that isn’t the issue since other collections load just fine.

Please let me know if you need any other details.

Hmmm - Ok got it. Can you try disconnecting your wallet, and logging out and then in to Studio? We’re looking into the issue.

I disconnected, cleared my browser cache (not really relevant since it happens in other browsers as well, but hey…) and removed all connection permissions from Frame. (I tried this with MM too to no avail)

So yeah logging out and in had no effect.

Thanks for looking into it. I mint one drawing a day, it’s my schtick so the interruption is stressful but I understand that things can go wrong.

Thanks again!

This could be related to the fact that I have two txs waiting to mint at 50 gwei btw. I submit low gas txs to my local node and just wait for them to mint… but given the insane gas prices lately it’s been a few days with those txs in the mempool.

Okay so I replaced all the stuck txs with 0 value txs at high gas and now the Logic_Bots contract page will load.

That is a weird bug that def warrants looking into for the Manifold team.
Now that gas is high again I do want to have the option to set a low gwei tx and forget it.

Got it - We’ll definitely be investigating. Sending you a DM

gm! We’ve deployed a few fixes and this should be resolved. Let me know if it’s working for you now!