I can only create auctions for my tokens

Hello, I am attempting to establish a fixed price for my tokens created using ERC1155. Despite selecting the option to set a fixed price, it ends up becoming an auction. How can I rectify this issue?


This seems like a bug, there is a way to create a ticket to the Manifold team?

What token are you attempting to list? I cannot reproduce on my side. On the first page, which of the 3 options did you choose?

I am choosing the option “Listing” but it creates at the end an auction anyway…

Can you screenshot the final step, but include all the steps in the image?

It sounds like it is defaulting to auction somehow. Are you hitting “Next” or hitting “2: Select Token” ?

Yes I am always hitting next, here you can see the final step

but the last 3 times I did it, it created an auction instead of a fixed price

Hi there, it seems like your token is being sold at fixed price:

Are we looking at the wrong listing? What makes you think it’s an auction? Reserve Price is poorly worded.

Check better, it was an auction, you are not available to buy anymore because the auction has ended, I want to sell the 5 tokens at a fixed price but it creates an auction and once the first one is sold (in the auction way) you cant buy more tokens… I need to settle the auction, and list them again… its a pain and a waste of gas. I am not making any more movements until this is fixed I am starting to think to start listing them in opensea instead of manifold gallery


Can you share a link to this page please?

The screenshot you shared shows 4/5 sold, which indicated it is a fixed price listing rather than an auction. There should be no need to settle this listing.

This is your listing right?

It shows that 1/5 were sold at 0.0765 (Fixed Price) with 4 being reclaimed by you as they were unsold.

The 1 that was sold was not sold as an ‘auction’.

I dont know what to tell you, when it was sold, it started an auction that lasted 24hrs, once sold I was not able to sell the rest, like I showed you in the last reply, it locks on sale ended and you are not able to buy more. I need to create a new listing, and I am afraid that the same will happen again, you can see on my other listings that the same happened, but I listed them again thinking that I did something wrong, but after 3 times I am pretty sure I am doing it right…

I’m looking at the configuration. You configured a fixed price listing to ‘start on first sale’, meaning that, once the first one is sold, it starts a 24 hour countdown to sell the rest. The rest can still be bought (not sure what you meant by ‘not able to sell the rest’ here, because the purchase button would still show).

Can you explain to me what you actually want to happen? Do you want these to be listed until they’re all sold? or…?

This UX is wrong, we’ll fix it. It’s not inidicative of what’s happening, apologies for that.

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I just want to create a gallery page where I am able to set a fixed price of 0.0765 for the 5 pieces and after I sold one, I dont want any timer or countdonw, just a simple sale, and that the rest is still able to be bought. right now, after the first sale I can only settle the auction and do the proces again you are not able to keep buying in the same gallery page, it figures as “sale ended”.

how can I do this?

I see. Right now, there is no way to create an ‘indefinite’ sale. All sales must have some end date. Apologies.

Oh okey, there is no way to create that right now? Thanks for the anwser, I gues I will be using opensea then :frowning:

The only option is to set an end date far in the future.

Well that might work, what I need to do to create that? whitout the auction mode

refresh your page, then create a new listing and on the price page select a start/end date. Feel free to screenshot your settings prior to creating the listing.

Thanks for the help Wilkins I really appreciate it.

Here are the images of step by step of what I am doing:

I dont see the option on the price page to select the start and end date