I can't list my 1/1 on manifold gallery!

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After creating 1/1, I’m trying to make a list page for listing, but I keep getting an error at the end. Could you please check it out?

gm - We’ll need a bit more information here.

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Yeah sure! Please help me. My sales will be start in a hour

mint address :

This is the console!

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Please check this errors :rofl:

What start and end time did you choose? Can you screenshot the configuration page. Seems like the end time is not after the start time for your listing.

I didn’t set the time! cause I want to sell the piece for flatprice

You will have to set a time that the listing is active for. I would just do flat price → duration → 30 days or something like that

Do I have to set a specific time to make a listing page?

Yes. If you want “starts right away, ends in a long time” do Duration with time like 365 days