I can't open my contracts and make changes

Good afternoon. I can’t open my contracts and make changes. Could you please tell me what’s wrong?

gm! Thanks for reaching out - Can you explain a bit more about where you’re stuck and the changes you are trying to make? Once a smart contract has been deployed to mainnet, the Title/ASCII/Symbol for example are permanent.

I can’t go into my created contracts and I don’t have my curated gallery reflected.

Hmmm - That’s odd. Seems to be working on my end. Can you provide a bit more information? What do you see on the homescreen/Which browser are you using?

Would appreciate a screenshot of your console as well:

We are trying to get to the bottom of this, can you try disabling all unnecessary extensions and giving it a go again? It would also be helpful to know which extension you are using.

For a while the profile worked and the apps opened. But yesterday everything came back again. The extension I use is MetaMask