I coudn’t connect my MetaMask, the site doesn’t show metamask in all apple browsers

Hi Johnny, I have the same problem. That the cases that appear resolved but none of that solution has worked for me. Metamask tells me that I am connected to the Studio. But the studio NI shows me “Metamask” and does not react. "… I don’t have any problems with any other site and I have tried everything you say in the forum cases. Can you think of anything? It’s very strange. Thank you

Thanks for reaching out - Do you have any other wallets installed?

No, just Metamask. I was trying everything all day. But i see Metamask into “wallet connect” but dont works… thanks

Could you send some screenshots of what you are seeing. Including one of all the extensions you have in your browser (Metamask & other wallets mainly)

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same, site asks to scan code and not detecting metamask

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Last time I checked Metamask extension is not supported in Safari.

Can use the Metamask iOS app though.

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Hi David, these are the options I see in all browsers. I have also tried on Iphone and Ipad with the same result. I only have Metamask in Chrome, no other wallet.

I hope I can fix it soon because I need to get into Studio ASAP. Thank you very much.

Metamask isn’t supported on mobile safari. To use studio with the metamask app you’ll have to use the metamask built in browser, not safari.

I do not understand ? That’s just one piece of information… I don’t think you understood my problem. What I need is to be able to use it on Chrome desktop which is where I have it installed. thank you.

If you’re trying to use it on Chrome with Metamask, and metamask isn’t showing, please try the following:

  1. Clear your browser cache
  2. Restart the computer (not just the browser)

Metamask + Chrome has a bug where it gets in a bad state and can’t resolve until a full computer restart.

I have tried everything dozens of times, I don’t know if you have read my messages, it’s not even about having metamask installed, it’s that I can’t see it in any browser, do you understand?
Everywhere the only thing I see are the screenshots that I have sent ;/

I do not understand