I coudn't connect my MetaMask, the site doesn't show metamask at all

Hello everyone, When I open Manifold site and “Launch Studio” , it doesn’t show me Metamask, and just show “Coinbase wallet” and “wallet connect” and I have not any option for connect to Meta mask,
I deleted my chrome’s cash and restart it and my PC but it didn’t change

Having the same issue…

Hi! Thanks for reaching out - What browser are you trying to login with? Can you take a screenshot of your console? Instructions here:

It’s Firefox. Chrome works fine

Hm, taking a look y’all! Thank you for the reports and patience.

Please let me know if you can provide any more information to help me out.

For example, which extensions do you have installed in your working browser environment vs your non-working browser environment? I ask because sometimes having multiple wallet extensions can cause oddball issues that we have to handle in a trivial fashion. Thank you!

I actually have less extensions in firefox (where the issue lies). And the two I do have, I also have in the working browser environment

How bizarre. Thank you so much! Super helpful.

Does clearing your browser cache and cookies help at all in the plagued browser? Might unblock you in the meantime while I find a patch.

no, I tried that already

awesome thank you for the extra info. just confirming, you have both coinbase wallet and metamask installed as extensions? or just mm?

just metamask installed

howdy! can you give it another try? i just released an update, 50/50 shot it helps your situation so please let me know!

make sure to clear your browser cache for our website, and clear your cookies, then reload the site and try logging in.

i’ve also made updates to our code so that if you need to, you can have both coinbase wallet extension and metamask wallet extension installed in at once without issues.

i wouldn’t suggest running a setup with 2 wallet extensions, but it will work!

i’ve also ensured that revoke.cash is supported just in case anyone out there is using it for security purposes. wallet guard should behave too.

made sure to double check firefox myself.