I couldn't connect to MetaMask and access to my studio! the site doesn't show MetaMask

Hello everyone, When I open Manifold site and “Launch Studio” , it doesn’t show me Metamask, and just show “Coinbase wallet” and “wallet connect” and I have not any option for connect to Meta mask,
I deleted my chrome’s cash and restart it and my PC but it didn’t change

Are you still having this issue? If so please post in this thread.

We’ve just put out a patch - If you clear cache/cookies you should be all set. Let us know if you’re still having issues!

Yes please I’ve just released a patch that I believe should fix this. Please ensure all of the following:

  1. Your Firefox/Chrome is up to date
  2. Your extensions are up to date
  3. You’ve cleared your cache and cookies, then reloaded the page

Firefox should work with MM, and optionally Revoke installed too.

Arc/Chrome should work with MM, and optionally Revoke installed as well.

And in Chrome all should work with MM, CB, and even Revoke installed too.

Hopefully that covers everything!

Still does not work. I am using Chrome

I had to delete Metamask from extensions and reinstall