I created a new contract, made a sale but money from the sale has not been deposted into my wallet

I recently created a new contract on Manifold for a art series I was making, everything looked great.
I sold my first piece on the contract, however, when i went to check if the Eth from the sale got deposited into my wallet, it had not and its been a few days now. Please help!

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You received the funds nearly 3 days ago


Please remember to check internal transactions. This will not show up in your MM because it is not a transaction that you initiated.

Thank you so much for looking into this!
So where are the funds now? and how can I transfer them into my MM wallet?


if you see here my wallet address, the funds don’t appear

The funds are in your wallet. I just linked the transaction that moved the funds to your wallet. Where are you looking at that indicates they don’t appear?

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Thank you so much for your patience!!!
I found were the internal txns was! I had no idea about this. I will remember for next time :slight_smile:

Awesome!! Sounds great!