I have 20 LINK but Goerli Test doesnt see it

I’m not sure what to ask you.
Faucet says I have 20 LINK in my wallet.
Your Goerli test link wont recognize it, and trying to more never results in proceeding to a tested result.
Do I have 20 LINK or not?
Which service is causing the error?

Hi! To use Manifold Studio, you’ll need Goerli to deploy on the testnet and ETH to deploy on the Mainnet. LINK is a different token.

You’ll need to use one of those faucets listed below to get Goerli before minting.

Hello, Then why does the above link //faucets.chain.link/goerli send me to a link that get me LINK and not whatever it is I need?
Seems thats a problem right there.

Underneath the link to get the LINK you’ll see this link leading you to the Goerli faucet. (It’s hidden so it’s less visible)

It worked underneath the link as lyndo mentioned!! I was struggling for 3 days for this lol