I have an app that's in "maintenance mode" -what do i do?

So recently, i reached out to @yungwknd to make an app for my $PRBS social token. He was amazing and really easy to work with and he built the “PRBS Collectibles” app

Now, the app is in maintenance mode and im not sure for how long or what to do. I don’t know if you can see it in the apps but this is the link i use: Manifold Studio

@yungwknd has since privated his twitter page and sent a message telling me to reach out over here, so that’s what im doing! other apps of his are also in maintenance mode and his name (and my name on mine) as author have been removed!

just wondering how to move forward or if anyone can reach out if they know @yungwknd.
i also attached some images

Your Apps - Google Chrome 1_4_2023 1_43_23 PM

gm! Thx for reaching out. Maintenance mode refers to installed apps that are accessible but will no longer be updated. In this case, the app can be accessed but it looks like new listings can’t be created. Because it is a third party app and not a Manifold product, we don’t really have an update on the product at this moment.

ah gotcha. yeah that sucks. guess im back to the drawing board… thanks for getting back to me!!

do you know if it was the dev that put it in maintenance mode or manifold?

So at this point, suddenly FIVE of the apps are in ‘maintenance mode’ and you don’t seem to be able to create listings using them. I never even got to try some of them.
I really wanted to use private listings for 3 different pieces for buyers this week. Is the way around this to make a claim page for my 1/1, limited to 1 token and select ‘custom’ for claims and upload a CSV with the one specific wallet address for the collector? What are other ways to create a token listing so that it goes to one specific person? Actually I’d prefer to use my 721 contract for these ones.