I have not received the payment in my wallet

I have been looking everywhere for help and no one understands anything, I don’t know who to turn to anymore.

I have sold 4 pieces at 0.01 ETH, but according to Etherscan I have those transactions done, but I don’t have the ETH. I had 0.095 and spent a little over 0.07 I have 0.25 left, then I should have 0.04 RTH more from the 4 pieces I sold, but they are not there, I have the same amount in the wallet. I don’t understand what’s going on.

Here’s the transaction history:

I am grateful for some help.

Check your internal transactions


Thx for your answer, but can you see the screenshots that I have sent? or is it that it isn’t clear what the internal transactions are? I don’t know if you understood my question, but that’s not the solution, because it appears in internal transactions but the ETH are not in my wallet.

I should have 0.04 ETH more, but they are not there. I have sent all the screenshots I could, my account is not hacked or anything like that. So where are the 0.04 ETH from my Manifold sales?


The ETH reached your wallet. You may not have that much left in it, just from spending ETH on other things.

Ehmm… I think I sent the screenshots for a reason. That I have not received it or spent it on something else, they are simply not there and Metamask washes his hands and Manifold too?

I can see the screenshots and the transactions on etherscan. The ETH was sent to your account. Here is how you can read an example transaction -


The buyer 0x6e035e0dbd225e97aa171b87902ce6fe8527f16c spent 0.0105 ETH, of which 0.01 ETH went to your wallet 0x8A88bBbcB04DAa2D325Ab2333824614DeCC2eea5

Could it be an accounting error on your side? Happy to help you sum the numbers. Don’t forget about gas costs as well, as those can add up quickly.

Are you kiddin’ me? There you have the screenshots of the only thing that has entered and left, come on, do the math, see if you get it.

Same Issue here… transactions apear on etherscan but money never got to my wallet…