I just follow the instruction for adding .csv file but show "0xaddress is not valid address"


is it wrong???

Can you double check the address with the issue? Is there a space or anything that has been added before/after?

nope bro

I see that address is a contract. Is it a multi-sig? It says BeaconProxy on etherscan, not too familiar with it. How did you deploy it?

It’s likely that our detection believes (incorrectly) that the contract cannot receive tokens. A workaround might be to airdrop to yourself and then send to the contract.

its address that i download from my holder, here is https://etherscan.io/token/0x7c2af580f37c23270dd7c52765073c1601c4ad33#balances

That address is labeled as you. Do you know what it’s for?