I mined more NFT than was possible with the edition

I have created an edition on Manifold with a total of 8 editions and created a claiming page from it. I wanted to send 3 NFTs as Airdrop, unfortunately Manifold has shown me 3x an error message. Manifold then reported the airdrop as successful on the 4th attempt. Only unfortunately 12 airdrops went out to the 3 wallet addresses.
This is the claiming page The Goddess Durga and Hanuman, Chatikara, Uttar Pradesh | Manifold


Because 4 more NFTs were created than there were editions, there are now 4 NFTs listed on Opensea without details and content.

My question, can you hide the 4 additional NFTs so that they are no longer visible?
Or what exactly can I do, I also have contact with the 3 owners of these NFTs.

gm - What error did you see, do you remember what it was? Was it the same error 3x?