I mint a new NFT with my contract and it doesn’t show up on opensea


I mint a new NFT with my contract and it doesn’t show up on opensea : https://etherscan.io/nft/0x6dea02a07fcb8a2ad3779ef5193
Anyone know why?
I already contacted OPENSEA but they did not give me a real answer.

Thank you

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Is the token showing up on other platforms? What is the wallet address used to mint the tokens?

Thank you for your answers.

Yes it’s ok with all the other plaftorms. The problem it’s only with Opensea and I already sent many messages to opensea since one month.

This is the address of the contract and for the mint : 0xE549cBDC537ec4E6F9F8a8C1D9F4Ba431bDD2986

Hi, Help me, please!! I have the same problem. Every new mint from the Paper Stories Manifold Studio contract is not showing up on Openci, and it shows up on other platforms at times. Please see my contract. I don’t know where else to go. This is last token Which dress?

I can send a screenshot and the number of the purse. Every time I go to Openci there is a 404 error. Help, please!