I minted an airdrop from a wrong address. Can I change it?


i just minted from a wrong wallet. is their a way to adjust that. I have since allowed the correct wallet to participate in admin. but it shows as under the wrong wallet … doh!

1st mint.



supposed to be dropped from this wallet


accidentally dropped from this wallet

another issue. I minted an airdrop, but missed an address. is there a fix for this or just sorry so sad.

Checking in here - Were you signed in with a different wallet than the one you deployed with? It looks like the tokens already have owners, unfortunately you can’t just change it. You can create a campaign such as a Burn Redeem if you’re looking to migrate.

To airdrop additional tokens you’ll see a guide to do this from Etherscan here:

Hi, thanks.

yeah, I was accidentally signed into my personal wallet and this drop is intended for Lil Nouns DAO. im fumbling through . which is how i learn, so im quite ok with that.

I have since changed the ownership address to the correct wallet. Ithe creator will always be the same sqx10.eth which is fine. im not perfect and neither are the Lil’s. haha.

It appears t obe showing up as i was hoping on OS and Gallery etc… hyerplinking in descriptions is a mess. is there a “best form” for these areas ?

Per ability to mint more, I found that yesterday and was trying but kept throwing the GAS 1.5eth etc exception . my assumption is the max is locked at 62.

MOSTLY trying to resolve this as it is a first case in hopefully a larger project, but have been trying to figure it all out before I push forward. An LE gated to Lil Nouns for 36 hours is next… wish me luck!

ASIDE ? does each MAIN contract have the royalties AND do those have to be set at marketplace levels. (do they even matter anymore) . or does/can the token level control the royalties? this was supposed to be an artist / DAO split program, different artists are different royalties. currently jamming through 0xsplits. thanks!