I minted something and it went to a blank wallet, it didn’t go to my address

Hi there,

I minted an edition on manifold on Base network and it went to a blank wallet. I put my email address on accident but I used metamask to mint, I used my card. I put my email address but my metamask was connected to manifold so I figured it would just go straight to my wallet I was minting with.

This is what I minted

This is the address it went to.



But that’s not my address, and I don’t recognize that address at all, it’s not connected to this email.

There’s no activity on this account. It doesn’t even say when it was created. It doesn’t even show that the edition was minted with this wallet so I’m just a little confused here.

This is my address. This is the address it should’ve gone to.


Is there anyway we can retrieve the NFT and have it sent to the correct address?

Thank you so much.
Let me know if you need anymore information

gm! To clarify you were going to mint with a credit card and then cancelled the transaction? And then you decided to pay with ETH instead? Can you paste a link to this transaction?

If you mint with a credit card, Manifold uses a service called Crossmint to facilitate this process. Upon purchase, the token will be sent to a custodial wallet to hold it until you want to retrieve it. If you purchased through a credit card, Crossmint should have sent an email to help facilitate the process to retrieve the token.

I didn’t cancel the transaction, I minted with a credit card, I got the receipt on my card but I never got an email either. I checked all folders. I was the first one to mint.

I don’t have the TXN because it went to that holding wallet like you said but the creator of the edition even was confused and said he would airdrop me one if it wasn’t resolved.

I’ll attach a file of the receipt and the screenshot of the chat because I’m on the team.

My email is allisonovo@gmail.com

Are you there?

Ok thanks for that info - Sending you a DM!