I need a manifold developer's help!


I need help understanding how I can implement this idea on my website for the best user experience.

So basically, every month we have free editions that are open for claiming until a set period. At the moment we don’t have the backend to send the editions to the users’ wallets, they just stay in their profile in the website. As a matter of fact we’re not asking users for their wallets yet, but we do use a system that creates embedded wallets for all our users.

We want to start sending these editions, for free, to the people that have collected, so airdropping is our only option (I think). The plan is: at the end of every edition we will upload a cvs with the people that claimed the artwork and send it to their embedded wallet (they can later transfer to their own, or do you think wise we start asking for their wallets now?).

The thing is we will be creating the OE not the artists, how do we make sure artists get their royalties in the secondary market if we create the smart contract and not them.

Please help me understand how to make this work…