I used Frame Mint on Base to create my NFT, but it didn't form, though the TX was created

I created an NFT linked to my contract. It’s visible in my wallet with the tx hash 0x37ae73654199621bf76b62f870f4c5f3a249ca8de7e0e3da0190cb6ade5f05f0, but it didn’t form on Frame

Hi, we’ve corrected this:

Following up here now that we’ve rescued that Frame for ya:

Are you able to remember how your setup got into that state? Did you perhaps close the tab or reload the tab while transaction was still being confirmed on the blockchain? Hoping to find some recreation steps to ensure we patch whatever bug you ran into. Cheers and thanks ahead of time!

The tab closed, I returned to Warpcast. It said ‘cast not found.’ I waited for a while, but it didn’t fix. I checked the transaction hash, everything seemed normal. I wrote to the forum, and like a patient seeing the doctor, everything got fixed.