I would like to use token gated access for Printify products - NO quantity tracking

Hi there,

I need to use token gated access for Printify products, without quantity tracking.
Is there any chance we can have that?

Thank you!


Just removed the previous requirement where you had to select track quantity within the product in Shopify. You should be able to add a product that does not track inventory to your product gates now and proceed as usual. Thanks for the feedback, and let me know if anything does not go as expected!

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wow!! that is amazing!!! Thanks, David!!
I really appreciate your help.

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Hello again, David.

I would like to try and ask for your help.
I was able to implement the NFT token gate on BASE network. Thanks for that!

But our theme seems to have a different structure on the CART layout.
We have no items or subtotal.

The only way I could get it to work was to leave the theme’s cart as well.
Which doubled the cart and it’s not really working:

Screenshot 2023-08-17 at 12.20.47 AM

If you think you could take a look, the token we are using is Deekay’s New Era ETH.

And for this one test product:

We only have 2 days until the Onchain Summer prop house is over, so we will have to make a decision as to have a token gated product before that.

Thanks again!

Hey Leo,

Would you mind sending me a zip file of your theme? You should be able to get this by doing the following

Shopify will send you an email with the theme as a zip file – and then if you can forward that to me david@manifold.xyz
I can take a better look

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Thank you so much, David.
Email sent.

can you double check it sent to david@manifold.xyz
not seeing anything in my inbox

Yes, it all looked good…

I have sent you a new email with the Shopify link + a copy of the ZIP file on my Gdrive.

It could be a Gmail thing.


ah weird, I got it this time. Will take a look – Thanks!

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Great! Thanks, David :pray:

Hey I think this is all you need to do

The Template for the Cart page should look like this
Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 3.57.44 PM

  • remove or hide both the second Apps section and the Cart section

Then It will look like this – which is what I think you want.

And finally one small thing you are going to want to change the text color of the quantity value because your theme has a black background there, so if you click on the Apps section with the manifold blocks, on the right you will see a section with the Title Custom CSS
and then copy and paste the following in there

input.quantity__input {
    color: white;

Screen Shot 2023-08-16 at 4.00.59 PM

and you should be good

cool! trying it now
will let you know

Hey David!
Thanks again but this is what I had done before.

The color change helped with the NFT product cart, but the NON NFT product has a white background.
But this is the easy part.

The problem is that the whole CART part becomes buggy. I loose access to Checkout and I can not
update the cart normally. The remove buttons and the add, subtract options all stop working.

Here are some screenshots.
1st try with 1 NON NFT gated product. I can not get to Check out or change quantities.
I get stuck on this CART:

Then, if I add the NFT gated product is works well at the start.

But then the Add to cart button that seems to work is the theme original one and not the Manifold one.
And the same buggy CART comes back:

And the only thing that works after that is Check out with NFTs.

SO, essentially if I try to buy 1 NFT gated product as it is, it would work. I think.
But the CART process is kind of broken.
And no access to checkout buttons.

Anyway, I hope this made sense.
And pls let me know if I can help with anything that you need.


Hello again, David and team!

I decided to move to the DAWN theme to get this working. It’s great!

But I noticed one thing:
The APPLY DISCOUNT will not work with more than 1 as a quantity.

Meaning, even if I choose to Allow Unlimited Redemptions, the customer would have to do multiple Check outs, which do not make sense.

I think it would feel better if the customer could add the same product many times (ie. different sizes and colors) when we do choose to Allow Unlimited Redemptions.

Anyway, thanks again for your help!