I'd like to see a "collaborator button"

Working with my own Manifold Creator contract, I would like to be able to designate one or more collaborator wallet addresses, along with their sale proceeds split percentages, for any given token that I mint. There could be a Collaborator Button on the UI that brings up boxes for additional wallet addresses and percentage amount fill-ins. I often collaborate with other artists, and up till now it has been up to me to pay them their share after a sale of a piece I have minted for us. I would prefer that the payouts be automatic and trustless in the smart contract.

Hi - Thanks for this feedback. Are you looking to setup collaborators for specific contracts and collections? Or looking to do this at the token level? In this case you’re referring to the secondary sales royalties?

For primary sales this is typically up to the sales platform and whether or not they support specific mechanics like sales splits on primary. On secondary splits are supported directly in Studio for platforms that support the Royalty Registry.

I’m looking for a solution that would work on the token level on a primary or initial sale, so I don’t have to set up separate contracts for each collaboration I do. I’m not talking about royalties. I understand that I would need to use a sales platform that supports splits on primary sales. Is this a possibility?