I'm Creating A LazyMinter Extension and have hit a mint error

I am attempting to create a Lazy Minter extension on goerli and have run into an error that I could use some help on.

I suspect a few culprits:

  • I didn’t pass the correct creator address into the constructor of my extension?
  • registerExtension wasn’t successful?
  • tokenId is not sequential starting with zero and the extension array hasn’t been initialized correctly.

I was able to deploy the extension to goerli, verify it on etherscan, and I successfully called the registerExtension on my manifold contract as well as setBaseURI and setArURI on the extension, however mint() caused metamask to be unable to estimate gas, and suggest there is an error.

Here is the extension https://goerli.etherscan.io/address/0x252f9d90f9f3a4309fb1b13edf0efdadcd3de068#code

Here is the contract:

Would anyone be willing to help me troubleshoot?

ok, by way of updated, I’m back at it and discovered that I need to use the push() method on a dynamic array, I can’t just set the 0 index.