Image of art not loading on claim page

I am having an issue with an open edition I minted earlier.

The image of the art would show for about the first hour, now it’s showing a broken image link on the apps dashboard for the claim page preview. As well, not loading on the actual claim page. I am only able to view the art while visiting the link on mobile.


I have the same problem, Minted a free edition but some people can’t see the artwork, It may be because of the file size, but can I edit and upload another file?

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Hmmm - Is this still happening for you? The image seems fine on my side.

Yea it’s still not loading for me, as well a few people who have visited the claim page. It seems it will for some though. I have tried on 4 different browsers and 3 networks, still not loading for me :frowning:

Can you include a screenshot? What browser are you using?