Image / Video not updating /reflecting on opensea


I first had an issue w/ the price not updating on my mint page.
I searched the forums and found this

“To fix you need to do the following: change the price to something else. hit save but when the transaction pops up, hit reject/cancel refresh the page change the price to the actual price you want. hit save, sign the tx. Working on a fix to prevent this from happening at all.”

I was able to follow these instructions to update my price, but I had pay gas twice. (can I get reimbursed for the extra gas?)

However, the main issue is that the image / video is not updating on opensea. I have refreshed the metadata multiple times but the old video persists.

hello I am just circling back.

Is it displaying properly on Manifold? This is a helpful guide if your token is showing up incorrectly. Solve Platform Display Issues - Manifold Docs

thanks for responding,
it displays properly on manifold. I’ll check out the link.

Strange but the token no longer shows up in the studio at all. It says 0 tokens.

more Contracts is also missing all of the tokens …

Sorry about that, tokens should now show.

Thank for that the tokens are now appearing in manifold studio.

I read through the documentation & it appears that I lack a few options. I don’t have a " * View metadata’ link or ‘Manifold Gallery’ link in the studio. However I was able to navigate to the contract’s Etherscan page. Click on ‘Read as Proxy’ and enter the 'TokenURI’contract’s Etherscan page. Click on ‘Read as Proxy’ and enter the ‘TokenURI’ and confirm that the meta data is correct there. Unfortunately it is still not displaying correctly on Opensea.


The token looks fine. How big is the file? OpenSea doesn’t like ingesting large videos.

ok thanks, its 364mb _ OS max is 100mb so that’s probably why